Trotter’s To Go

In 2000 Chef Charlie Trotter decided to open a store which contained “the food that I like to eat everyday.” This store was quickly morphed from a gourmet to go retail shop to a full service food emporium which offered culinary creations consistent with Chef Trotter’s philosophy, as well as retail products, wine, pure & clean water, cheese, and catering!

Trotter’s To Gowhich is now permanently closed – was divided into four distinct areas:

Chefs Case – here you would have found food preparations that change daily based on ingredient availability. From seafood, spit roasted meats, vegetable and grains you would have found elements to compliment your meal occasions as sides or as center of plate offerings!

Cold Case – here you would have found packaged items that were ready for you to “pick up and go” including salads, sandwiches, soups, desserts, and a wide variety of beverages.

Retail Merchandise – here you would have found a variety of gourmet retails products from sauces and spices to cookbooks and culinary tools! The team of Trotter’s To Go had taken special care to select unique items which span a wide range of guest needs.

Wine Case – a fast favorite with our guests this area took the guess work out of pairing wine with food. Simply follow the color code system which identifies what foodstuffs might pair best with the “style” of wine you have selected and you are sure to have a hit in your hands! The focus in this area was on small producers and unique offerings.

In addition there was a wonderful Fromage Case where you will find an immense variety of artisinal cheese from around the world.

Trotter’s To Go was your one stop shop whether you are picking up food to take home, or if you have a special occasion. It specialized in unique recipes catering including

  • Unforgettable Holiday Parties
  • Distinctive Weddings
  • Unique Dinner Parites
  • Spectacular Corporate Events
  • Exquisitely Prepared Food & World Renowned Service

Bring the culinary expertise, personalized service and world renowned reputation of Charlie Trotter’s to your next special occasion.

Whether you were planning a formal dinner party, casual get together, corporate luncheon, cocktail reception or wedding, Trotter’s To Go full-service catering was able handle all of the particulars to ensure that your next engagement will be truly distinctive and memorable.

But no more worries now! If Trotter’s To Go is not available today, Chef Charles Trotters’ dreams are with us. And here we want to make his dreams materialized. Just after the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are lifted, you can plan to tour 1000s of locations and find as many as great restaurants at very affordable rates with the help of CharliesTrotters.

Now, its not just Trotter’s To Go in front of you, but the whole world!

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