How to Make a Knife Holder?

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No one likes an unorganized kitchen. Especially if the reason for chaos are the knives. Not just they look untidy but also contain the risks of damaging and cutting anything near them.

It might have happened to you for sure that you were picking up knives from your messy drawer and you suddenly got a cut from one of them. So, it’s better to arrange the knives in a good-looking knife holder.

You have to go to the market and bring one. Instead, you can easily make one at home. The internet is full of such DIY ideas that require a small amount to make an amazing knife holder.

In my article, I’m gonna share with you some of the ideas that I have tried by myself. Let’s start from the very first.

Use the Old Books

This one’s my favorite. You don’t have to spend even one penny for its arrangement. All you have to do is to sort out your old magazines, novels, and cooking books and work them out in a farmhouse style knife holder.

Follow these simple steps.

  • Gather the useless books that you have sorted out.
  • Arrange them in accordance with their sizes and pleasing color sequence.
  • Take a nice and pretty piece of lace or rope, wrap it around the books. It should be tight enough to hold the books together but loose enough to slip a knife in books. Now tie a bow or simply a knot.
  • Your knife holder is ready. Now place it anywhere you want and slip your knife in the pages of the books.

Half of my long-sized knife didn’t fix in my old knife caddy. That is why what I like most about this knife holder is that it can fit the knife of any size. Whether it’s the long and big butcher’s knives or regular-sized paring knives you can slip them easily in it.

Make a Magnetic Holder

This one’s also a good one. It takes less space and you can easily hang it on the wall. You might need some tools and things to make this magnetic knife holder. The steps and things required are given below:

Things Required

  1. A long flat block of wood. The length can vary according to your needs.
  2. Six magnets or more according to the number of knives you want to hang on it.
  3. A glue to attach the magnets with the block.
  4. Some nails, hammer, and a drill.


  • First, take the block of wood and place it on the working platform.
  • Now drill the circles out. The size of the holes should be the same as your magnets. You can drill the holes according to the numbers of magnets.
  • Put some glue into those holes. Now put the magnets so it can firmly attach to the glue. Give the glue some time to dry.
  • Using the hammers and nails, hand the holder wherever you please stick your knives with it.

Use the Skewers and the Jar

This one is the most easy and fast than both of the above. All that you need is an empty glass jar or it can be any jar that is no longer in use. Now fill it with the bamboo skewers and your knife holder is ready.

You can easily slip the knives in and out of the skewers and it also allows you to fit many knives in it. You can store it in the cabinet which makes it extremely compact.

Cork Sheet Knife Tray

If you want to arrange your knives in your drawer but you are not willing to spend on the drawer knife tray. Then a cork sheet knife tray can be a great replacement. For this, you are going to be needing two or three pieces of cork underlayment sheets.

Cut the first one in the size that can fit in your drawer.

Now cut a lot of small pieces of the same size from the other one. Pack them together vertically and paste them on the sheet you placed in drawer. Your knives can now easily slip in the gaps between those pieces.

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Final Words

I hope that these ideas of managing and organizing the knives will prove to be beneficial for you. Because these are the ones that I have tried by myself and they happened to be pretty practical.

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