How to Carve a Turkey with an Electric Knife?

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What makes your Thanksgiving dinner look even more beautiful? Of course, a perfectly carved turkey.

No doubt, the turkey itself is the life of Thanksgiving dinner, but when it is perfectly and beautifully carved. It makes the mouth of your family and friends waterier.

So, how you can carve a turkey with absolute perfection? There’s no way better than doing it with the best electric knife.

Though there are other options of doing it either with a boning knife or a carving knife, but the results won’t be neat enough to present at the dinner table.

Therefore, we always prefer to carve the Thanksgiving turkey with an electric knife. Below are steps given to guide you to carve a turkey with an electric knife like a pro.

Give it Some Time to Cool Down

This is the mistake most people make in carving a turkey. They are blinded with their excitement so much that they don’t even let the turkey cool down for a sec and start carving it the moment it comes out of the oven. In the end, they are left with burned mouths because of the hot juices of meat.

I won’t suggest you to do so. This act will not only burn you but will also cause the meat to lose its juices. Just wait a little bit before carving it, so that all the juices are absorbed and the meat won’t get dry when you serve it.

Start from Thighs and Legs

It’s always better to take a start from the easy one. Start separating the legs and thighs from the body.

To perform this task, you have to rotate the joint that is holding the leg and body together. Once you heard the sound of “click” it means that the leg is separated. Now pick up your electric knife and start carving the meat on the leg joints. Repeat this step to the other side.

Separate Legs from Things

The next step after separating legs from the body is to separate legs from thighs.

To do so, hold the drumstick in your hand in such a way that thigh is in an upward position. Now with the help of a knife, start cutting the bones joining the legs and thighs. Repeat this process with the other thigh.

Carve the Thighs

When working on thighs, your objective will be to get as much meat as you can and to leave as less meat on the bone as possible.

The simple trick to do it is to first pull out the bone. Once you’ve already got rid of the bone it’ll be much easier to cut off the meat. Carve the thigh meat in long strips so that it will look good.

Come to the Wings

Now comes the wings. Separating the wings is just the same as separating the legs. Repeat the step you did for legs. Now it depends upon you whether you like to curve the wing meat or not. But mostly wings are eaten the way they are.

Now Carve the Breasts

Now comes the big part. Though it’s big, but not difficult. As a matter of fact, it’s much easier than all of the above.

To carve the breast, first, run the electric knife through the middle of the breast to separate both breasts. Make sure not to cut the bone-deep inside, otherwise, it’s small pieces will irritate you while eating. When you’ve got both breasts sides separated. Start carving the meat.

Once you’ve carved all the meat, separated both legs, put aside all the bones. Your turkey is ready to serve and present to your friends and family.

What to do With the Bones

Dinner’s finished, friends gone, kid’s asleep. Now you’re cleaning the table. But wait. Don’t throw off the bones that are left.

Most of people threw the turkey bones away forgetting the fact that they can make a great soup stock that you can use for the next 4 days.

So, don’t throw away the bones, use it in soup or any other gravy. It will really taste good.


A perfectly and professionally carved turkey enhances the Thanksgiving dinner and also make the people remember your hospitality. So always carve the turkey with an electric knife as no other knife can do it more neatly then the electric knife.

Enjoy your turkey! 

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