How Beneficial is a Shower Filter

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Whenever you look at those flawless faces on TV and in magazines, you must have questioned the texture and smoothness of your own skin. Who doesn’t want to look perfect all the time? But unfortunately achieving it is even more difficult than we can imagine; the reason being the quality of water supplied in our bathrooms.

Many of us ignore the fact that taking a shower could be a cause of so many problems that we are facing. From hair fall to dry itchy skin, you can blame your bathing water for all of these things. Don’t worry! If we are highlighting a problem, we have a solution too. A shower filters!

Believe it or not, a shower filter is like a blessing. With all the pollution and contamination in our water supply, a shower filter acts like an angel, and save us from harmful chemicals that can ruin our hair, skin and other aspects of our health.

Here are Top 5 shower filter benefits and the reasons why you should have one!

1.     Soft and Shiny Hair

Unfiltered bathing water mostly contains a lot of salts, minerals, and oxides. All these are super harmful to our hair because they can make your hair feel greasy even after you have washed them. Lack of lather formation can make you overuse the shampoo which can make your hair even dryer.

The worst part is a mineral deposit that can clog the pores of your skin, making your scalp dry. They can also get accumulated on the hair and make them very dry with itchy skin. Dry hair can break faster and easier.

That is where a shower filter comes into play, preventing you from unnecessary hair fall by giving your hair a softer feel and shinier look.

2.     Smooth and Clear Skin

Hard water can be harmful to people with conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin. With so much mineral that can get deposited on your skin, it can start feeling scaly and dull. Not just that, dryer skin can be very itchy too. The worst part is that you are suffering from all these problems even though they can be solved easily. Just by installing a shower filter, you can save yourself from a lot of pain. Not to mention it is worth it!

3.     Lesser Chlorine

Chlorine is not a friendly chemical at all. Many water supply companies might use it to disinfect water, but there are a lot of side effects that make chlorine more of a devil than a lifesaver. It can get absorbed in the body and have harmful side effects.

It can also react with certain chemicals in the water to make trihalomethanes for example chloroform. All these THMs are not good for our health and well being.

Chlorine and its derivatives get absorbed by the skin faster than they are absorbed when consumed orally. This is again the time when a shower filter can rescue you by reducing the amount of chlorine in your bathing water to help you live a heather life.

4.     No Indoor Air Pollution

Many of you might not be aware of this fact, but indoor air pollution is one of the leading causes of lung ailments. Most of the time, the use of gasoline, paraffin candles and chemicals from cleaning liquids are considered the causes of indoor air pollution but surprisingly, bathing water make it to the list too.

The vapors of polluted water can spread harmful chemicals like trihalomethanes that have deadly effects on your health. Once again, a shower filter can save the day with quality adsorbent materials that capture THMs and provide clean bathing water.

5.     Prevents Cancer

Cancer is surely one of the fastest spreading illnesses. Cancer is so harmful that if it is not diagnosed in time, it can even lead to death. However, the causes of cancer are still ignored very easily by so many people.

The chlorine derivatives in water can easily be absorbed by your skin that becomes the leading cause of cancer in many people.

According to many studies, people who are exposed to chlorine derivatives are more susceptible to get cancer than those who use filtered and chlorine-free water. This makes the case of shower filters very strong.

In a nutshell, a shower filter is not only going to give you apparent beauty and attractiveness, but it is also very important for your health. Investing in a good quality shower filter can prevent you from many problems once and for all.

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