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Books and Television

Chef Charlie Trotter is the author of 14 cookbooks. The restaurant series (often referred to as the coffee table books) provide a glimpse into his award-winning restaurant and documents its culinary history. Included in this collection are Charlie Trotter's, Charlie Trotter's Vegetables, Charlie Trotter's Seafood, Charlie Trotter's Desserts, and Charlie Trotter's Meat and Game.

The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter and Workin' More Kitchen Sessions With Charlie Trotter are the companion books to Chef Trotter’s cooking shows of the same name.

In addition to cookbooks, Chef Trotter is the subject of two management books which focus on lessons which Chef Trotter has learned and teachings which he espouses for his team: Lessons In Excellence and Lessons in Service. A third installment in this series, Lessons In Wine Service is due out in Fall 2008.

In addition to his books, Charlie Trotter is the host of a nationally aired cooking show, The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter, on PBS. This show has been awarded the Best National Television Cooking Show by the James Beard Foundation.

The fourth season of this show, Workin' More Kitchen Sessions With Charlie Trotter is a delightful divergence from the first three, while remaining true to the same jazz session motif. Starting out with time-honored traditions and adding improvisation and personal expression along the way, Chef Trotter’s cooking shows continue to provide the home chef with invaluable culinary lessons and insights.

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